Fired Up

Are you an instructor in Religious Instruction in schools?  Fired Up is the Premier RI conference in Qld, promoting best practice and practical skills! It runs in conjunction with IGNITE, so you get the best of both worlds, choosing electives that will empower you.
Join all the delegates in the opening Keynote Session then choose from a range of specifically chosen electives designed for RI instructors. Electives will cater for the experienced, and for those just beginning in the classroom. Your day will finish with a separate Keynote Session. (see below for details about our keynote speaker)

Just what you need to assist you in your classroom.

Check out all the electives on offer on the Electives Page. Here is a sample of what you will find:

  • Engaging Children with different learning styles
  • Creative ways to present Scripture to children of all ages
  • Internet resources for RI
  • Managing Behaviour in an RI context
  • Quick Crafts to support your lesson

The closing Keynote Session will help you to leave the Conference ready for RI in a changing world. Qld Christian Religious Instruction Network Chair – Paul Clark will be speaking about RI in a secular world. RI is a Qld treasure. An opportunity for us to give children, whose parents so choose, an experience of the good news! How do we do this well to ensure parents, schools and the children themselves thank us for what we do?

  • This conference is a must for anyone presenting RI, or anyone interested in being involved in schools.

Keynote Speaker for the Closing Session for RI Instructors


  • Paul Clark
    Paul Clark Pastor, author, puppeteer

    Paul is passionate about finding new ways to tell the old, old story! He has worked as a youth worker, school teacher and is currently a Pastor in Redcliffe. He is the author of the Car Park Parables series of Children’s books that has 30,000 books in print. You may have heard him on 96FIVE FM as the At the Top guy. He has been an RI instructor off and on for 20 years, and his RI work was particularly noted when he won the Burdekin Shire Citizen of the Year in 2011.

    He has toured various parts of Qld with puppets in schools, including with the Mt Isa School of the Air, presenting to thousands of children. He is currently the Chair of the Qld Christian Religious Instruction Network that is working to build best practice in RI with Churches and the Government. His comments on RI have been on ABC TV, radio, in the Sydney Morning Herald and other publications.

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