IGNITE Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide child minding at IGNITE?

We are not able to provide specialized child-minding at IGNITE. If you wish to bring your infant child, there are excellent parents’ rooms and the main building has lifts to all levels.

Can I bring my children with me to IGNITE?

IGNITE is a conference designed for adults and teenagers involved in their local church as children’s ministry leaders. The conference does not cater for children. However, if you believe that attending IGNITE is the best option for your child on that day, you may bring them with you. The proviso is that they must accompany you throughout the day to all keynote sessions and electives, and be under your supervision at all times. We are not able to provide any supervision or protection for unaccompanied children.

Are there nut free food options available?

We apologise that we cannot cater for every type of food allergy. For those delegates not catered for, we ask that they bring their own dietary needs for the day.

Can I pay on the day?

We are not able to accept any form of payment on the day. All registrations must be finalised before the closing time on the day before the conference.

Can I choose electives on the day?

It is to your advantage to select your electives as soon as possible. Most electives have restricted numbers due to room sizes. Once these electives are full, only those who have registered will be able to attend. If you do not select your electives before the conference, you will be asked to do so when you arrive, before entering the conference venue. Your choices will be severely limited to those few electives that are not already full.

Can I come for half a day and pay half price?

IGNITE fees are set as low as possible due to the generous sponsorship of various ministry groups and denominations. We do not offer part-day rates as we believe the greatest benefit comes from a full day’s attendance. However if you are only able to come for half a day, you are still welcome to register and attend.

Can free junior leaders choose electives?

The website will only allow free junior leaders to register for the full day junior leader elective, KICKSTART 1. If your junior leaders wish to attend other electives, you may register them for the discount price of $35, and then choose from the full range of electives available. KICKSTART 2 is recommended for junior leaders attending IGNITE for the second time, but it is not compulsory.

I live in another state but my postcode isn’t on the free country delegates list? Can I come for free?

IGNITE offers 75 free places for Queensland country delegates who live approximately 4 hours drive or more from the venue. Other states run their own children’s ministry conferences (see IGNITE website for details) for their state with similar offers.

Can I have some more leaflets for my team?

Yes. Please send an email including the number you require and postal details. However, you can also print the list of electives available from the website and distribute this to your team. info@igniteexpo.org.au

Can you organize accommodation?

Approximately 1000 people attend IGNITE each year. Our priority is to organize accommodation for the trainers, presenters and performers if needed. We suggest you contact churches of your denomination in the Redcliffe area to request help with accommodation. Alternatively use one of the online accommodation search sites and look for venues in Redcliffe, Clontarf, Margate, Scarborough and Kipparing (postcodes 4019 and 4020).

Can you organize transport from the airport?

Approximately 1000 people attend IGNITE each year. Our priority is to organize transport for the trainers, presenters and performers. We request that you find your own way to the conference venue if possible. However if you are arriving by air, please email your details including arrival time and we will see if there is a car collecting others at the same time. After IGNITE there are always cars willing to take visitors to the airport. Please allow 40 minutes travel time (except on Friday afternoon, when a minimum of one hour should be allowed).

Why does my registration say 'pending'?

A leader paying a full registration fee can enrol 2 Junior Leaders into Kickstart for free. A ‘pending’ message will be visible until we have checked that each free Junior Leader is attached to a valid registration

How do I get the travel subsidy?

Register online as a country delegate and select this option. After conference the coordinator will be in touch with you to organise payment of the travel subsidy. If travelling by car with others from your region, please read the conditions carefully.

How do I get an invoice for my IGNITE registration?

This option is available when you complete your registration. Look for the TAB “PRINT INVOICE”. If you have already registered and exited the website, use your password and registration number to log on again and the “print invoice” option will still be available.

I need help with the online registration/group booking.

It would be very helpful if you could enlist the help of one of your friends to try and solve the issues you may be having. If the problem still exists, please contact our web manager (links on the registration page) and he will be pleased to help you through the process.

Why isn’t the elective I want to do listed?

Most electives have restricted numbers due to room sizes. Once these electives are full these options are removed from the website. It is to your advantage to select your electives as soon as possible. Only those who have registered will be able to attend each elective.

I’ve forgotten/lost my registration number.

Please visit the Contact page and send us a message telling us that you have lost your registration number. A reply will be emailed to you.

How old do junior leaders have to be?

We do not set a minimum age for junior leaders. Our requirement is that they be actively involved as a children’s ministry leader, and our expectation is that they would be in upper primary school or high school.

I have some new leaders who are not “juniors”. Is the junior leader elective suitable for them?

KICKSTART 1 and KICKSTART 2 are designed for Junior Leaders enrolled in upper primary school or secondary school. Your adult leaders will probably find some of the other electives more appropriate.

How do I cancel my registration and get a refund?

Log into your registration and click on ‘Cancel’.

Can I get a refund?

The IGNITE Conference is committed to proving the best quality events and experiences for all delegates. If a cancellation of a registration is necessary, applications for a refund can be made through the Contact Us page on the IGNITE website up to and including March 31st. You may transfer your registration to another person within your church or organization at any time for no fee.

All applications for a refund of conference fees received within 1 week of the conference, or after the conference, will incur an Administration fee of $15 (to cover the costs of conference bags, conference booklets, snacks and water provided on the day).

I’m not able to attend IGNITE 2017. Can I still register for “twenty4”

Absolutely! We’d love to see you at twenty4. Click on the Registration button and choose just the twenty4 option.

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