Fired Up

Are you an instructor in Religious Instruction in schools?  Fired Up is the Premier RI conference in Qld, promoting best practice and practical skills! It runs in conjunction with IGNITE, so you get the best of both worlds, choosing electives that will empower you.
Join all the delegates in the opening Keynote Session then choose from a range of specifically chosen electives designed for RI instructors. Electives will cater for the experienced, and for those just beginning in the classroom. Your day will finish with a separate Keynote Session. (see below for details about our keynote speaker)
Just what you need to assist you in your classroom.

Check out all the electives on offer on the Electives Page.

Here is a sample of what you will find:

  • Engaging Children with different learning styles
  • Making Every Second Count
  • An Update on Current Issues in RI
  • How to Talk to Kids about Jesus so they don’t switch off
  • Creative Teaching Strategies

The closing Keynote Session with Emma Collett will help you to leave the Conference ready for RI in a changing world.

  • This conference is a must for anyone presenting RI, or anyone interested in being involved in schools.

Keynote Speaker for our Closing Session


  • Emma Collett
    Emma Collett Anglican Youthworks Sydney | Children’s Ministry and Primary School Scripture Advisor

    Emma has been working in her position for the past 9 years. Emma’s passion to teach children the good news about Jesus started from an early age. As a local Scripture teacher, and former Children’s and Family Minister at Christ Church St Ives, Emma understands the demands and opportunities that scripture teachers and children’s ministry leaders face every week.

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